A List of All La Liga Clubs and Their Respective Owners

If you’ve ever wondered how many football clubs there are In La Liga, and who’s behind these teams, In this guide, I will share the table, and also discuss the clubs participating In La Liga for the 2023-2024 season, and their owners.

Let’s get to It.

AlavésSaski Baskonia (70.44%)
José Antonio Querejeta (6.4%)
AlmeríaTurki Al-Sheikh
Athletic BilbaoJon Uriarte
Atlético MadridEnrique Cerezo
BarcelonaJoan Laporta
CádizManuel Vizcaíno
Celta VigoGrupo Corporativo Ges, S.L.
GetafeÁngel Torres Sánchez
GironaDelfí Geli
GranadaDaxian 2009 SL
Las PalmasMiguel Ángel Ramírez Alonso
MallorcaAndy Kohlberg (majority)
Steve Nash (minority)
Steve Kerr (minority)
OsasunaLuis Sabalza
Rayo VallecanoRaúl Martín Presa
Real BetisÁngel Haro García
Real MadridFlorentino Pérez
Real SociedadJokin Aperribay
SevillaSevillistas de Nervión S. A.
ValenciaPeter Lim
VillarrealFernando Roig

1. Alavés


Alavés is currently one of the clubs participating In the La Liga for the 2023-2024 season. Founded in 1920 as Sports Friends Club, they’re the real deal in La Liga.

Think of a nail-biting comeback, that’s them, rising from Segunda División in 2022-23. They’re like your mate who never gives up.

In 2001, they played the UEFA Cup Final, facing Liverpool and almost stealing the show. And hey, they made Barcelona sweat in the Copa del Rey final in 2017. That’s Alavés, not always winning, but always in the game.

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2. Almería


UD Almería, the football team from sunny Almería, Andalusia. The team was born in 1989 as Almería Club de Fútbol, they got a cool upgrade in 2001, Unión Deportiva Almería.

They played the Segunda División in 2022, earning a ticket to the big leagues Spanish Primera División. Home turf, which is the Power Horse Stadium, where they give it their all.

It’s not just a club; it’s the pride of Almería. So, if you’re into underdog stories and sunny football vibes, UD Almería’s your team.

3. Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao

Athletic, the football pride of Bilbao, Spain. They’re called “Los Leones” (The Lions) because of a story involving a saint and some lions.

Playing at the San Mamés Stadium in red and white stripes, they’re like the heartbeat of Basque football. They have bagged eight La Liga titles and are Copa del Rey legends with 23 wins.

Like they’ve never been relegated since 1929, standing tall with Real Madrid and Barcelona. They’ve got a Basque derby with Real Sociedad and a classic rivalry with Real Madrid.

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4. Atlético Madrid

Atlético Madrid

Atleti, the fantastic cats from Madrid, they’re the “Athletic Club of Madrid.” Locally, they’re Atleti, and globally, they’re just known as Atlético Madrid.

They’re the soccer maestros of La Liga, playing at the Metropolitano, where 70,460 fans can shout their lungs out. Now, in the Spanish football hierarchy, they’re the third wheel, but a hugely successful one.

They won eleven La Liga titles, Copa del Rey, Supercopas, and European adventures, and they’ve done it all. Also, they are UEFA Champions League runners-up and have won the Europa League.

5. ​Barcelona


Barcelona or as we folks call it, Barça is one of the most successful football teams In the world and Spain. The club is a whole culture. Born in 1899, it’s like the OG of La Liga, with those dark blue and garnet stripes like no one else.

The fans own Barcelona because It’s like a big football family, and the club is valued at $5.51 billion, it’s a money-making maestro and the fourth richest football club globally. Plus, they’re all about records, bagging 77 domestic trophies and 22 international ones.

6. Cádiz


Cádiz also is currently competing In the La Liga for the 2023-2024 season. The team is from Andalusia with a history dating back to 1910.

They’re not the flashy type, just good ol’ football vibes. Nuevo Mirandilla is their turf, where 20,724 fans can cheer their hearts out.

Ever heard of Mágico González? He’s like their superhero from the ’80s and ’90s, which makes every game a spectacle.

After bouncing between tiers, they finally hit the La Liga stage in 1977. Fourteen seasons later, they’ve become La Liga regulars, mixing it up with the big guns.

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7. Celta Vigo

Celta Vigo

Celta de Vigo is one of the amazing clubs In La Liga, and they are from Galicia, Spain. Forget the fancy names; they’re just Celta to their pals.

Since 1923, they’ve been kicking it in La Liga, making Balaídos their home with almost 25,000 cheering buddies. They’re not the big title winners, but they’ve moved close a few times.

Think of them as the underdogs, 2003’s fourth place and a ticket to the UEFA Champions League, or the nail-biting 2017 Europa League semi-finals against Manchester United.

8. Getafe

Getafe Club

Getafe, the football club repping the Madrid feelings, has been located in Getafe since 1983, they’re rubbing shoulders with the big gun. Their home is based at the Estadio Coliseum, where the cheers echo in its 17,393 seats.

Getafe wasn’t an overnight sensation as they were formed in 1946, they hit La Liga in 2004, staying strong till 2016 and bouncing back in 2017. They’ve got this rivalry with neighbors Leganés, Atlético Madrid, and Real Madrid, like a friendly Madrid derby.

9. Girona


Girona FC is a La Liga football club from Catalonia, since 1930, they’ve been in La Liga, and they nailed the 2022 Segunda División play-offs for a top-tier spot. You can imagine a buzzing Estadi Montilivi with a 14,624-strong crowd, that’s Girona’s turf.

But it’s a bit of Catalan pride too as they’re part of City Football Group Limited. Girona is all about youth and women’s teams, proving they’re in it for the long game.

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10. Granada


Granada is freshly promoted from Segunda División in 2022-23, they’re the underdog you can’t help but root for. Their main investor is a Chinese company called Desport, led by President Jiang Lizhang.

It’s like your local team, but with a global twist. The club was formed in 1931 as Club Recreativo Granada, they call the Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes home.

They’ve been around the block, hitting sixth place twice in their 25 La Liga seasons. In 1959, they almost grabbed the Copa del Rey, but the real party started in 2019 when they secured a spot in the UEFA Europa League. Granada, where every season is a surprise package.

11. Las Palmas

Las Palmas

UD Las Palmas is one of the most promising teams in La Liga, no joke. Known as Los Amarillos, they began in 1949 after a mega-merge of five Canary clubs.

From the Estadio Insular to the Estadio de Gran Canaria in 2003, they’ve been on a journey. Four-time Segunda División champs, and back-to-back promotions to La Liga.

12. Mallorca


Real Mallorca is another impressive football team from the sunny island of Mallorca. I love the feeling of seeing them playing La Liga surrounded by palm trees.

The club was founded in 1916, and they’ve been in the game for ages. In the late ’90s and early 2000s, they stayed In La Liga, even grabbing a third-place spot.

Winning the Copa del Rey in 2003, that’s Mallorca’s moment of glory.  They also clinched the Supercopa de España in 1998.

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13. Osasuna


Osasuna is always in for a game, and that’s one of the things I so much appreciate about this football club. Founded in 1920, they’re the heart and soul of La Liga, swaying their red shirts and navy blue shorts.

With 23,516 fans cheering at El Sadar Stadium. They might not have a trophy shelf, but they’ve got some stories. Copa del Rey finals in 2005 and 2023, and they’re the only La Liga team with a Basque name, “Osasuna,” meaning “health” in Basque.

They’re all about strength and vigor. Call them “Los Rojillos” or “Gorritxoak”, the Little Reds. And they’ve got rivalries cooking with Zaragoza, Real Madrid, and some Basque mates.

14. Rayo Vallecano

Rayo Vallecano

Rayo Vallecano, they’re like the thunderbolt of Madrid, and they were founded in 1924, they’re not just a football club; they’re a neighborhood in Vallecas. They’re the working-class heroes of La Liga, with the 14,708-capacity Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas since ’76.

Sure, they might not have a room full of trophies, but they’ve spent 19 seasons at the top and even dipped their toes in the UEFA Cup in 2000-01. Also, they won the Segunda División in 2017-18.

15. Real Betis

Real Betis

Real Betis is the football club from Seville, giving La Liga spice since 1907. Estadio Benito Villamarín, a massive 60,720-seater is where the real action happens.

This team doesn’t just play; they win titles too. They won the league title in 1935 and Copa del Rey in 1977, 2005, and 2022.

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16. Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Real Madrid, the football royalty from Madrid. Since 1902, they’ve been rocking La Liga in their iconic white kits. King Alfonso XIII gave them the royal nod in 1920, and they’ve been carrying that crown ever since.

Their home, the Santiago Bernabéu, is a massive 83,186-seater in downtown Madrid. They’re a football phenomenon.

Winning 35 La Liga titles and 14 Champions League trophies. Remember the Galácticos era? Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, they’ve had them all.

But now, they’re into nurturing young talents like Vinícius Júnior and Rodrygo. In May 2022, they won their 14th Champions League title, a record.

17. Real Sociedad

Real Sociedad

Real Sociedad has been doing well In La Liga, and they are from Donostia-San Sebastián, Basque Country. The team was formed in 1909, they’ve seen it all.

Two Liga titles in the early ’80s, and a trio of Copa del Rey victories. They even gave the Basque derby a spicy kick against Athletic Bilbao.

Think about spending 40 seasons in La Liga, from ’67 to ’07. They stuck to signing Basque players, keeping it real until John Aldridge showed up in ’89.

Now, it’s a mix of Basque, Spaniards, and global players all in the game. They played in the UEFA Champions League, making noise in the ’82-’83 semifinals and shaking things up in ’03-’04.

18. Sevilla


Sevilla FC has been kicking it since 1890, which makes them Spain’s oldest football devotees. Imagine winning the UEFA Cup seven times.

They’ve got this intense love-hate thing with Real Betis, their cross-city rivals. In terms of titles, they have won the national league, Spanish Cup, UEFA Europa Leagues, you name it. In 2006 and 2007, they were crowned the world’s best club.

19. Valencia


Valencia CF has been La Liga legends since 1919, playing their hearts out at the buzzing Mestalla stadium for ages. With six Spanish League titles, eight Copa del Rey wins, and more.

They even played in two UEFA Champions League finals back-to-back. Also, they’ve bagged European trophies, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cups, and UEFA Cups. And yes, they’re part of the European Club Association.

20. Villarreal


Villarreal CF joined the La Liga competition in ’98 after some years in the lower football tiers. And they bounced back from a tough relegation in 2012 like a champ.

They’re not the giants like Real Madrid or Barcelona, but they’re the underdog heroes. In 2021, they stunned everyone, beating Manchester United in the UEFA Europa League final.