Messi opens PSG record; Fans are craving for consistency

Lionel Messi’s slow start to life in France and his adaptation to a new system/environment has been raising some questions since he joined the Parisian club from Barcelona but the prodigy finally delivered the goal fans have been waiting for.

Lionel of football roared and lighted up Parc des Princes with a historic moment that will last and linger forever in the subconscious of everyone fortunate enough to be there watching the god of soccer with his artistic ingenuity.

The 34-year-old Argentina international had faced loads of criticism from all directions due to his slow start to life in the French league, and his disparagers would have been licking their lips on their conceived banter, ready to throw the jibe on the highlight of what had been a mostly anonymous performance until the 74th minute.

Messi was not fully into the game as City’s dominance and retention of the ball from the blast of the whistle was superior. But the tale of the event changed when Messi scored his 27th goal in just 35 games against English clubs with a trademark strike.

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The Litany of the PSG team had been questioned before the kick-off by pundits. It was rumored there was a disparity in the camp of the Pochettino-led side but they answered their critics with a victory against a tireless and borderless City side being coached by Pep Guardiola. It wasn’t the game they won on a platter but it’s very close to almost perfect performance.

From the assured Gianluigi Donnarumma manning the sticks, to the excellence of Gueye in the middle, and of course, the aestheticism of Messi in the attacking front, Mauricio Pochettino’s side were efficient on the night.

Manchester City’s performance was class and their resolute control of the game is way higher but the result did not go their way.

From the lenses of Messi followers, It was worth the wait. The momentum is what they crave to see in subsequent games both in Europe and in domestic games.

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It’s an unrealistic expectation to envisage Lionel Messi doing a replica of what he did for Barcelona at PSG, he’s already in the dusk of his glamorous career.

Some factors wouldn’t allow him to do such even if he wishes to, age isn’t on his side, A 34 years old Lionel Messi can only do little as his better years are behind him and what he’s achieved in his 20-year career in Barcelona colors is above the chart of usual.

With 814 football appearances and 684 goals, Messi is regarded as the greatest footballer of all time. The Argentine is second behind his former teammate (Dánì Alves) on the trophy chart, he’s won 38 trophies in total.

Alves with his recently included Olympic Gold is above every footballer with 43 trophies but it’s a matter of time before Messi matches Dani Alves’ record if his career with the Parisians is elongated.