Top 5 Real Madrid’s Biggest Home Wins Against Barcelona

This is the list of Real Madrid’s biggest home wins against their rival, Barcelona.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona or Barcelona vs Real Madrid is the biggest football match in Spanish football, La Liga which is often referred to as El Clásico.

The El Clásico fixture between Real Madrid and Barcelona holds significant political connotations due to the cities they represent.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, and Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, have an ongoing independence movement. Also, Real Madrid is associated with Spanish nationalism, while Barcelona represents Catalan nationalism.

These two football clubs are not only among the most successful in the world but also have massive social media followings.

In competitive matches, Real Madrid has won 102 times to Barcelona’s 100, with 52 draws, while Barcelona has the upper hand in exhibition matches with 23 wins to Madrid’s 6, along with 12 draws.

In total matches, Barcelona leads with 123 wins to Madrid’s 108, with 64 draws.

However, In this post, I will share with you Real Madrid’s biggest wins against Barcelona, plus a summary of the match.

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Top 5 Real Madrid’s Biggest Home Wins Against Barcelona

  1. Real Madrid 11–1 Barcelona
  2. Real Madrid 8–2 Barcelona
  3. Real Madrid 6–1 Barcelona
  4. Real Madrid 5–0 Barcelona
  5. Real Madrid 5–0 Barcelona

Let’s get to it.

1. Real Madrid 11–1 Barcelona

In the history of El Clásico, Real Madrid and Barcelona’s intense rivalry has produced some unforgettable matches.

Among them is the clash on 13th June 1943, this match is Real Madrid’s biggest triumph against their arch-rivals, Barcelona.

In the second leg of the Copa del Generalísimo semi-finals, Real Madrid achieved an amazing 11-1 triumph.

The build-up to the match was fueled by the first leg at Les Corts, where Barcelona emerged triumphant with a commanding 3-0 win.

The Madrid press, seeking revenge, exaggerated Barcelona fans’ behavior and called for a resolute response from Real Madrid supporters.

This intensified pressure, combined with some controversial refereeing decisions, placed the field for an electrifying encounter.

As the second leg started, the opposing atmosphere created by Madrid fans, coupled with the fears expressed by Barcelona players about their safety, played a role in Real Madrid’s overwhelming domination.

By halftime, they had flooded to an 8-0 lead, eventually sealing an emphatic 11-1 victory. This secured their place in the final with an 11-4 aggregate scoreline, despite later losing to Athletic Bilbao.

The 1943 Copa semi-final is widely regarded as one of the most controversial and notable matches in Spanish football history.

The scoreline, off-field drama, and the controversy surrounding the 12-goal horror in just 90 minutes contributed to the emergence of the enduring football rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Some historians credit this match with shaping the football history of both Madrid and Catalonia. The repercussions of this historic encounter were felt far beyond the pitch.

Barcelona’s president faced dismissal following the defeat, while Real Madrid’s president, Santiago Bernabéu, later offered his apologies for the circumstances surrounding the match.

One participant from Barcelona, reserve goalkeeper Fernando Argila, emphasized that until that game, there was no real rivalry between the two clubs.

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2. Real Madrid 8–2 Barcelona

Another biggest victory for Real Madrid against their fierce Catalan rivals in La Liga happened on the 3rd of February 1935, in Game Week 10 of the league.

Real Madrid delivered an extraordinary performance, securing an emphasized 8-2 win over Barcelona.

From the beginning, Real Madrid declared their dominance, and the goals came in quick succession, with Lazcano opening the floodgates in the 15th minute.

Sañudo followed up with a goal in the 21st minute, boosting the pressure on Barcelona. The scoring romp continued as Regueiro found the net in the 29th minute, extending Real Madrid’s lead.

However, Real Madrid pushed on, and Sañudo hit another goal in the 35th minute, also demoralizing the Barcelona defense.

The first half ended with Lazcano securing his brace in the 42nd minute.

As the second half began, Sañudo netted his hat-trick just two minutes into the half, maintaining Real Madrid’s dominance.

Lazcano completed his own hat-trick in the 73rd minute, and Sañudo added to Barcelona’s misery with another goal in the 81st minute, sealing a sweeping victory for Real Madrid.

This resounding 8-2 triumph in the 1935 encounter carved its name in history as Real Madrid’s biggest home win against Barcelona in La Liga.

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3. Real Madrid 6–1 Barcelona

Among Real Madrid’s most memorable victories against their Catalan rivals at home is the 6-1 triumph on the 18th of September 1949.

Real Madrid stunned Barcelona with two quick goals with Olmedo scoring first, finding the back of the net in the 2nd minute, and Cabrera added another goal two minutes later.

The tension continued, as Pahiño added to Barcelona’s woes with a goal in the 40th minute. After the halftime break, Real Madrid maintained their merciless pursuit of goals.

Macala extended their lead in the 62nd minute, and Pahiño also compounded their misery with another goal in the 68th minute.

Macala then completed his brace in the 6th minute of injury time.

4. Real Madrid 5–0 Barcelona

Here is another match that took place on October 25, 1953, in Round 7 of the Primera División 1953/1954 season.

This impressive 5-0 win in the 1953/1954 Primera División clash at the Nuevo Estadio Chamartín is one of Real Madrid’s most significant home victories against Barcelona.

It showcases Real Madrid’s attacking prowess and clinical finishing. And the star of the match, Alfredo Di Stéfano found the back of the net in the 10th minute.

Also, Roque Olsen carved his name on the scoresheet with two goals in the 34th and 35th minutes. Plus, Luis Molowny Arbelo added to the scoreline with a goal in the 39th minute.

While Real Madrid continued to show off their qualities, In the 85th minute, Alfredo Di Stéfano sealed his brace, capping off an outstanding performance.

5. Real Madrid 5–0 Barcelona


On the 7th of January 1995, in Game Week 16 of the league, Real Madrid produced another memorable performance, demolishing Barcelona with a remarkable 5-0 victory at home.

Led by their tough striker, Iván Zamorano, Zamorano opened the scoring in the 5th minute. The Madrid fans burst into joy as Zamorano added two more goals in the 21st and 39th minutes.

Barcelona stumbled to control Real Madrid’s dominance. In the 68th minute, former Barcelona player Luis Enrique, and coach added to Barcelona’s misery by finding the back of the net.

Just two minutes later, Amavisca added more to the damage with a fifth goal, completing the victory.

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Real Madrid boasts several remarkable home victories against their rivals Barcelona.

These matches include the 11-1 triumph in the Copa del Generalísimo semi-finals in 1943, the 8-2 win in 1935, the vast 6-1 victory in 1949, and the dominant 5-0 wins in 1953 and 1995.

From the triumphs to the extraordinary performances of iconic players like Di Stéfano, Zamorano, and Sañudo, these matches underlined the intensity and long-lasting legacy of the Madrid-Barcelona rivalry.