Top 5 Real Madrid’s Biggest Losses Against Barcelona

This is the list of Real Madrid’s biggest losses against Barcelona.

  1. Barcelona 7–2 Real Madrid
  2. Barcelona 6–1 Real Madrid
  3. Barcelona 5–0 Real Madrid
  4. Barcelona 5–0 Real Madrid
  5. Barcelona 5–0 Real Madrid

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Let’s get to it.

1. Barcelona 7–2 Real Madrid

On September 24, 1950, during the third game week of the league season, Barcelona voiced a devastating display of dominance, defeating Barcelona’s 7-2 victory at their home ground, Les Corts Stadium.

According to a report, it was obvious that the match would be a defining moment in the rivalry’s history.

Barcelona’s forward line, led by the formidable Nicolau, was rigid in their search for goals. In the 9th minute, Nicolau found the back of the net, mailing the Real Madrid defense.

However, their response was fast, as César equalized just five minutes later. But Barcelona’s attacking qualities proved too much to bear for Real Madrid.

Marcos Aurelio, in the 39th minute, added another goal to Barcelona’s tally.

As the second half began, Real Madrid’s hopes of a comeback were crushed as Nicolau struck again in the 56th minute, followed by Gonzalvo III in the 62nd minute.

The Nou Camp fans were treated to a footballing phenomenon as Basora scored Barcelona’s sixth goal in the 82nd minute.

Real Madrid managed to salvage some pride with Marcos Aurelio finding the net once more in the dying moments of the game, but it was far from enough.

The final whistle blew, confirming a humiliating 7-2 defeat for Real Madrid.

2. Barcelona 6–1 Real Madrid

In the history of El Clásico, occasional matches have gone as profound a result as the Copa del Rey clash on May 19, 1957.

It was a day when Barcelona fired an awful attack, destroying Real Madrid, with a stunning 6-1 victory at their home ground, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

It took only four minutes for Eulogio Martínez to open the scoring.

The early goal shocked the Real Madrid defense, and In the 34th minute, the legendary Kubala added to the visitors’ lead.

The second half saw a ruthless display of dominance from Barcelona, as Eulogio Martínez continued to wreak havoc on the field.

Just three minutes into the half, he found the net once again, extending Barcelona’s advantage.

The goals were now open, and Eulogio Martínez struck twice more, completing his impressive hat-trick in the 50th minute and adding another goal in the 62nd minute.

In the 80th minute, Villaverde managed to pull one back for the home team, offering a glimmer of hope.

However, it proved to be nothing more than a consolation as the final whistle blew, confirming Barcelona’s 6-1 triumph.

3. Barcelona 5–0 Real Madrid

During the 21st game week of the league season on April 21, 1935, Fans witnessed a clash that showed Barcelona’s complete dominance over Real Madrid, as they stormed to a 5-0 victory at Les Corts Stadium.

Real Madrid’s defense was put to the test in the 43rd minute as Vantolrá provided the first goal, breaking the deadlock with a clinical finish.

And in the second half, Barcelona never stopped pulling the strings, and in the 48th minute, Escolà doubled their lead.

Vantolrá, a standout player on the day, was a constant thorn in the side of the Real Madrid defense. In the 62nd minute, he found the net once again.

Real Madrid’s hopes of a comeback were dashed as Vantolrá completed his hat-trick in the 68th minute.

Vantolrá then sealed his magnificent performance with a fourth goal in the 82nd minute to make it 5 – 0.

4. Barcelona 5–0 Real Madrid

One of the most memorable and electrifying encounters between Barcelona and Real Madrid was on March 25, 1945. In the 41st minute, the mythical César struck the opening goal, putting Barcelona ahead.

Real Madrid’s defense was left scrambling, and their troubles persisted as César found the back of the net once again just a minute into the second half.

In the 52nd minute, Bravo added to their count, and the home crowd jubilated with joy as Escolà found the net in the 77th minute, strengthening Barcelona’s dominance on the pitch.

Real Madrid’s misery was worsened in the 86th minute when Gonzalvo III scored the final goal.

5. Barcelona 5–0 Real Madrid

In the anticipated Spanish Primera División match on November 29, 2010, we once again saw how Barca crushed Real Madrid in the Camp Nou.

The goals started coming in the 10th minute as Xavi Hernandez scored his first goal in the game. Putting a clear shot past Real Madrid’s defense to give Barcelona an early lead.

Eight minutes later, Pedro Rodriguez doubled Barcelona’s lead, taking advantage of a superb cross from David Villa.

Real Madrid struggled with a fairy-attacking Barcelona side who continued to dazzle the crowd with their passing and intelligent ball movement.

In the 55th and 58th minutes, David Villa flashed his scoring ability, finding the net twice and pushing Barcelona’s lead to an insurmountable margin.

Also In the 91st minute, substitute Jeffrén Suárez added the final goal to Real Madrid’s already bruised ego, capping off a fantastic 5-0 victory for Barcelona.

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Buddy, these five matches are the biggest Real Madrid loss against Barcelona, and they all ended with a high scoreline.

And again, the matches showed Barcelona’s attacking skills, with players like Nicolau, Eulogio Martínez, and Vantolrá imposing damage upon the Real Madrid defense.