Top 5 Benfica Biggest Wins In The Club History

In this post, I will list out the top 5 Benfica’s biggest wins in the club’s history.

Benfica is the most decorated club in Portugal and holds an exceptional record of triumphs in the nation’s top competitions.

They boast the highest number of Primeira Liga, Taça de Portugal, and Taça da Liga titles, establishing their dominance in three out of the four major competitions in the country (the other being Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira).

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Incredibly, Benfica remains the only club to achieve four consecutive victories in Taça de Portugal from 1948–49 to 1952–53 (with an exception in 1949–50 when the cup was not held).

Additionally, they have secured four consecutive Taça da Liga titles from 2008–09 to 2011–12.

And in European competition, Benfica’s ability is also impressive, having reached a fantastic ten European finals and clinching consecutive European Cups in 1960–61 and 1961–62, a feat unmatched by any other club.

However, here are Benfica’s biggest wins in history:

  1. Lisboa FC 0–15 Benfica Campeonato de Lisboa 1911
  2. Benfica 14–1 Riachense Taça de Portugal 1989
  3. Benfica 13–1 Sanjoanense Campeonato Nacional da 1947
  4. Benfica 12–2 FC Porto Primeira Liga 1943
  5. Benfica 10–0 Stade Dudelange European Cup 1965

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Let’s get to it.

1. Lisboa FC 0–15 Benfica Campeonato de Lisboa 1911

Undoubtedly, one of the most historic in Benfica’s illustrious history was the 15-0 victory over Lisboa FC during the Campeonato de Lisboa in 1911.

This incredible match stands tall as the club’s biggest win ever.

In 1911 when Benfica, already a rising force in Portuguese football, collided with Lisboa FC in a battle that would go down as an extraordinary chapter in football history.

The goals flowed with ease, put together by talented players who demonstrated their skills on the field.

Benfica’s forwards put out incredible finishing, while their midfielders dictated the rhythm of the game with fascinating skill and creativity.

And defensively, they were resolute, leaving no room for Lisboa FC to mount any action.

2. Benfica 14–1 Riachense Taça de Portugal 1989

Some triumphs outperform the ordinary, and the Benfica 14-1 victory over Riachense in the Taça de Portugal in 1989 is one of the most remarkable goal-scoring festivals ever witnessed in football.

This spectacular match not only tells us about Benfica’s qualities on the field but also highlighted the club’s amazing journey through domestic and European competitions during that season.

It was an interesting encounter for Benfica, with its star-studded lineup, which competed both domestically in the Primeira Divisão and the prestigious Taça de Portugal.

Having secured a second-place finish in the previous league, the Eagles earned their place in the UEFA Cup, marking their presence in the European competition.

Benfica’s forwards put in the goals mercilessly, and Lima, the prolific striker, netted an astounding seven goals in the match.

Ricky, too, recorded a sensational hattrick, while José Garrido, Ademir Alcântara, Miranda, and António Pacheco added to the goal-scoring frenzy with one goal each.

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3. Benfica 13–1 Sanjoanense Campeonato Nacional da 1947

You can tell that matches quite like Benfica’s 13-1 triumph over Sanjoanense during the Campeonato Nacional da 1947 should be honored.

During the 1947 season, the Benfica talent team was there too, and among these impressive battles, the match against Sanjoanense is the third-biggest win in the club’s history.

Benfica’s prolific striker Julinho, who seemed to have found the net at will scored in the 1st, 6th, 14th, 30th, 53rd, and 65th minutes.

Arsénio also joined the goal-fest, showing off his goal-scoring skills with strikes in the 13th, 60th, and 72nd minutes. Vítor Baptista added his name to the scoresheet with goals in the 49th and 83rd minutes.

Rogério Pipi too made his mark from the penalty spot, securing two goals in the 66th and 76th minutes.

However, Sanjoanense found a moment where they got a goal from David in the 23rd minute, but it was a blip in the face of Benfica’s performance.

4. Benfica 12–2 FC Porto Primeira Liga 1943

Benfica’s game against Futebol Clube do Porto during the Primeira Liga in 1943 was one of their extraordinary victories.

It was a massive win over their biggest rival, FC Porto in the league.

It was an interesting match and saw the two Portuguese giants putting up their craft with great performance, but in the end, it wasn’t a good experience for the Porto fans.

Benfica’s Alfredo Valadas got the first goal five minutes into the game, followed by another strike in the 31st minute.

However, it was Julinho who stole the show with his goal-scoring skills, netting six goals in the game ( 39th, 55th, 60th, 61st, 75th, and 77th minutes ).

Not just that, Manuel da Costa also netted twice in the 44th and 58th minutes, with Alfredo Pairs of FC Porto unfortunate to put a goal into his net in the 46th minute.

Remarkably, Francisco Ferreira and Semilhas completed the goal feast, with goals in the 77th and 85th minutes, respectively.

For FC Porto, the match was a humbling affair, scoring consolation goals through Alfredo Valadas in the 5th minute and Semilhas in the 85th minute.

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5. Benfica 10–0 Stade Dudelange European Cup 1965

Benfica has also got themselves in European history with their 10-0 win against Stade Dudelange of Luxembourg in the 1965-66 European Cup.

This clash is Benfica’s biggest-ever win in the European competition. Though Benfica was a force to be reckoned with, we never knew we were going to witness another history in the making.

The Benfica team’s talented display was fantastic as they were able to put 10 goals to nil past the Luxembourgish side.

But that wasn’t all, with an 18-0 aggregate victory over the two legs (including an 8-0 win in the first leg), Benfica established a European Cup record.

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Benfica’s history is decorated with numerous outstanding wins, and among these triumphs, five stood out as the biggest wins in the club’s history.

The 15-0 win over Lisboa FC during the Campeonato de Lisboa in 1911 remains Benfica’s biggest-ever win. And their 12-2 win against FC Porto in the Primeira Liga of 1943 is Benfica’s biggest win against Porto.

Lastly, Benfica’s historic 10-0 triumph over Stade Dudelange in the 1965-66 European Cup secured its place as the club’s biggest-ever win on the European stage and remains a European Cup record to this day.