Barca stars to face coronavirus checks before game against Napoli

Coronavirus is now affecting top-level football in Italy as procedures have been put in place for clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League this week.

Napoli host Barcelona in the last 16 on Tuesday while Inter Milan will welcome Ludogorets in the last 32 of the Europa League on Thursday.

According to ESPN, Barcelona will undergo thorough tests when they enter and leave the country for the visit and this was made known in a memo sent to them by the Italian government.

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Barca will leave for Italy on Monday and will pass through a temperature screening control when they arrive at the Napoli-Capodichino Airport.

The ESPN report also revealed that any of the traveling party who is found to have a high temperature or high fever will be taken immediately to a hospital for tests in line with the Disease Prevention and Control protocol.

The coronavirus has affected more than 80 people in Italy with two losses recorded thus far and all the cases have taken place in the north of the country where the game between Inter and Ludogorets is scheduled to take place.

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