Barcelona warned against signing Lautaro Martinez

Former agent and Barca presidential candidate Josep Minguella has warned the La Liga giants against signing Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez. The Argentine has been impressive for Inter Milan this term and has been described as a successor to Luis Suarez.

However, Minguella has begged to differ with the assessment of the Argentine and went as far AS likening the young forward with a recent player who didn’t live up the billing at the Camp Nou, not to talk of the present financial challenges at the club.

“The signings of 100 million euros or more have finished,” Minguella said to Radio MARCA and detailed by Mundo Deportivo.

“[…] Lautaro is a good player, with good technique, but he is not Suárez’s successor.


“[…] For a start, he doesn’t play as a ‘9’ […] In Italy’s list of top scorers he’s seven or eight.

“Let’s not make the mistake we made with Arda. When we signed him, his place was occupied by Messi, so Arda has been loaned for years in Turkey. ”

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The Barcelona presidential candidate appears to have made a valid point as the future of the game is uncertain at this time due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Football has only resumed in one elite league in Europe, and it’s the Bundesliga. Other major leagues are working towards resumption this June. 

Therefore, spending over €100m on a player post-COVID-19 pandemic may not be the best and is short-sighted at best. More so, he has not proven to be prolific as the player he is reportedly being signed to replace.

Meanwhile, Barcelona have been seemingly hitting off-target with their recent big-money signings.  The likes of Philippe Coutinho, Antoine Griezmann, and Ousmane Dembele, all over €100m will easily come to mind.

However, the trio has not lived up to the billing that attracted the club to them by the club’s standard.


One would think Barcelona have learned their lessons. It remains to be seen how things pan out with their reported interest in the young Argentine forward. Regardless, one thing is certain; Minguella is not a big fan of Lautaro Martinez.