7 Best Soccer Games For PC You Should Play in 2024

If you enjoyed playing soccer games on any of your consoles and wish to check out some of the best soccer games you can play with your PC.

Here, we have detailed the best football games you can enjoy as a multiplayer or single-player. Some of these games feature real personalities while some don’t. Without much ado, let’s get to know them immediately.

The Best PC Soccer Games In 2024

1. FIFA   

FIFA for so long now has dominated most soccer games on all gaming consoles and PC is not an exception. We don’t need to emphasize much about FIFA football games since it enjoys a huge fan of gamers all over the world and features football stars with real -personal licenses.

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  • The gaming style is annually and new updates bring more features.
  • You can manage world-class clubs and star players as you like.
  • You can control your match length, substitution number, injuries, and a whole lot of others.
  • Also, the most recent series of FIFA features a story mode which makes it ideal for an RPG game.


  • A lot of players, clubs, and stadium licenses.
  • Feature football legends
  • You can save replays.
  • Career mode improved


  • Requires a top-quality graphics card
  • 50GB HDD/IDE Space
  • The gameplay may malfunction sometimes.

1. Pro Evolution Soccer / eFootball

Pro Evolution Soccer (football PES), now rebranded to eFootball, is another great football game at the corner which I can say is a close substitute or leader of all soccer games around the globe. 

You can play most of the PES series with your PC. However, it doesn’t have licenses for all players around the world and teams.

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  • Realistic simulation
  • Has a lot of actions and an array of kick and pass animations.
  • Top-notch graphics
  • A whole lot of player skills to explore.


  • Gameplay is realistic
  • Quality graphics
  • Online matches are stable.


  • Unreal Engine 4 is yet to be released.
  • Most big teams are not licensed and this is common with international teams.

1. Football Manager 2024

This is another intellectual football game you can enjoy playing with your PC, where you will act as the manager of a team. 

The game’s gameplay is quite friendly but not that simple. You will have to apply tactics like Jose Mourinho who’s my best coach ever. You get to be a manager of a team and see how the managers in the real world go about their jobs. Well, you’ll get to know that it is not as easy as it seems.


  • You will become a football coach and control all actions of your team.
  • You will start a coaching career from scratch or a second-division club. And you can join EPL when your career develops.
  • It is steadily developed thereby introducing new features that will keep you addicted to the game.


  • Very detailed
  • 3D Simulation Match
  • Customizable by you
  • Can pick players from any club or team.

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  • Expensive
  • Difficult to manage as your team levels up the table.
  • It can be boring in the long run.

1. Football, Tactics & Glory 

This game comes with strategy and actual gameplay. It’s focused on strategizing your team to win and also, being the best team on the pitch. We listed it here because of the number of gamers it has drawn to itself since its inception.


  • You can create your team with foreign players and sell players also.
  • You will steadily learn new tactics and upgrade skills to retain your position. 
  • Difficulty choices need to be made depending on your strategy choice and the team to face.
  • Also, you developed a key player for your team, and RPG elements add points when a key player joins the match.
  • You can play with friends by playing the tournament mode.


  • Easy to learn
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Ability to create your team.


  • Don’t have licenses for real players and teams
  • Offline can malfunction sometimes.

1 Football Drama

This soccer game is built around its story mode and involves fictional characters, sports, strategy, and adventure. What makes it suitable is you can play it on most PCs like Linux, Android, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. It was released in September 2019.

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  • It may be a suitable alternative to football manager games.
  • It has football management, tactics play, turn-based matches, and drama.
  • In this game, you perform the duties of a manager and develop your team.
  • The graphic is great. Also, the game involves some corruption, crimes, and drugs done to win the trophy.


  • The game is shared in 18 dramatic weeks of football.
  • The user interface is navigable.
  • You can share your gameplay with friends and family.


  • The game is new
  • There may be bugs and glitches
  • The music and sound quality need to be improved.

1. Football Strike

Most games I have listed on this list might cause you some money to play except for Football Strike. This is a nice simulation football game, although, the graphics need improvement when compared with others. 

But you will like to try this game and perform the strikes like star players. Also, it doesn’t have a license for real players and teams.


  • As a newbie to soccer games, you may not play this game as it requires expert gamers.
  • High graphics make it so cool especially when taking penalties or free-kick shoots.
  • You can participate in championships like World Cup, Penalty Shooter, and lots more.
  • The players are well-designed.


  • You can play on Windows 10 and x64 and x86 architecture
  • Easy to get started with.
  • Enjoyable for both casual and serious gamers.
  • It’s Free to play


  • Its difficulty makes it look like a pay-to-win game
  • Loading problems pop up oftentimes.

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1. Rocket League

Have you played Asphalt 6 or any of its series before? If you have you will enjoy this gameplay. It is based on vehicular soccer. It was created by Psyonix and released on the Microsoft Store and PlayStation 4 initially. Currently, you can enjoy the game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox.


  • It’s a popular game that features fluid and dynamic gameplay which makes you feel like gaming at its best.
  • Even though it’s available on Windows, you can also play it on Linux and macOS.

Final Words

These are some of the best soccer games for PC that you can get your hands on and derive maximum entertainment from being the controller of players with a game controller or being the manager of a side in a simulation-style environment. 

These soccer games are very exciting, and you will enjoy the best PC soccer games that have been mentioned here as they’ve proven to be worthwhile based on reviews from lovers of soccer games.