Ceferin – FFP sanctions not intended to kill anyone


UEFA President Alexander Ceferin has given assurance that Financial Fair Play sanctions are not intended to kill anyone. This is coming after Milan’s voluntary agreement was rejected late last year, while PSG could also be suspect, after allegedly inflating the value of sponsorship deals.

When asked about the two clubs during an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Ceferin responded: “We’re speaking in general, we don’t want to kill anyone or say ‘do this or you’re out’

“We’ll do everything we can to help everyone, we’re not the police, but there are also rules to be respected. It’s an independent judiciary.”

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Ceferin also responded to questions about potential changes to the legislation, and the mooted abolition of the loan system.

“We need new measures and we’re involving everyone, the players too. In the meantime limits to squads, but in the leagues too or only the Champions League will pay.

“Then, limit or prohibit loans; but you can’t do it in Italy where there are no second teams. A salary cap has some legal problems, but a luxury tax would be feasible.

“We all need to agree, but even the big clubs want these interventions.”

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