D2 Armor Picker: How To Use; Is It Safe – Full Guide

You may not understand how elated I was when I finally shared my favorite builds to clock over 90 Resilience. This was a very painstaking and drudgery process as it has taken me years to share my Armor with high Resilience before luckily getting what I needed at this stage now. 

Those who have been playing Destiny 2 can relate to this experience. Thanks to the developers who introduced this new amazing tool that allows us to effortlessly and precisely specify what stat tiers our Armor should be well fitted. 

The D2 Armor Picker has been a great tool to this extent. With D2 Armor Picker, you will be able to know the Armor to build, what stat tiers are needed, and mods to use.

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About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a very fantastic and addictive game that has gained popularity because of its free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter. 

The game boasts about a million players across the globe and has varieties of platforms one can engage at. Bungie has taken over the development, management, and publishing of Activision. 

They have also done a lot in rebuilding and enhancing all the features of the game making it a go-to first-person shooter game for game enthusiasts.

To get the best Armor needed to gain upper hands while playing this game, you will need an optimal mix design for your Titan, Hunter, or Warlock. 

As a new gamer, you may have experienced this challenge while playing the game, whereas it’s not new to old gamers because it’s part of the game that one must experience once in a while.

With the D2 Armor Picker, players who don’t know the best combination for their Armor can now get the best out of their stock by utilizing the Armor Picker when building their Armor stats. 

In this article, am going to guide you through what is D2 Armor picker, how to use it, and the best combinations you can achieve with it. 

Remember, to use the D2 Armor Picker, you will need to log in to your Destiny 2 Armor Picker website with your Bungie details where all the process will take place. Let’s Go!

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What Is The D2 Armor Picker?

D2 Armor Picker is an Armor selector used in Destiny 2 to build your Armor to reach your stats. With this tool, you can choose the best Armor of your choice from the inventory or vault to meet sufficiently your stats requirement. 

Also, it advises players on the best stat mod to employ for a better experience. As said earlier, to use this tool through your API, you will have to log in to the D2 Armor Picker site with your Bungie details.

How to Get Destiny 2 (D2) Armor

To get this Armor, you need to visit the Official Destiny 2 Armor Picker site and log in with your Bungie account. After that, you will be able to select the stats that you prefer for your Titan. 

You have varieties of choices to make as it suits you and also sees their effects. So, it’s necessary to use this platform for something serious and useful as you will be battling stronger players who have utilized their time to build the Armor with the best stats. 

With this tool, it will run through your Armor, and the mods and then indicate the best loadout which will suit your needs and give you the best experience. 

Should you have an Exotic and you don’t want to lose it or make sure it’s intact, you can lock the Exotic in your inventory during this process and it won’t be affected. 

By this procedure, your Exotics are well secured and won’t be tampered also, you will get the maximum loadout which will meet your needs and your choice for your Titan.

The D2 Armor Picker will make your Armor building faster and very easy because it takes charge of all the processes involved. You may not need to be visiting and checking your inventory to pick the components by yourself, with you logged in to the site, you can see your full components here and make choices.

You can also permit Armor Picker to make the right choice for you which is the best option. If you haven’t tried this D2 Armor Picker, it’s high time you utilize this tool to get an upper hand over your enemies in Destiny 2.

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How To Desolate Your Armor Completely

In the April update, Desolate Armor was released and can be bought from Sterling Treasure. 

To unlock the Taken Shiver emote, you will need to complete the full set of Desolate Gear. This is essential to getting more useful components for your Armor build.

Is D2 Armor Picker Trusted?

Even as this tool makes everything about Armor building much easier by simply optimizing all the Armor’s components in our inventory. 

Some game enthusiasts believe that this tool should be trusted as regards privacy breaches and other digital securities. To let you understand how this Armor Picker work, it uses the Bungie API to reach your Armor that is in your inventory and transfers them to this tool. 

Where every process takes place and will also send the best builds to your inventory after build. So, it acts as just a middleman between your account and the D2 Armor Picker website.

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To cement this question, Bungie always generates a temporary token which is necessary anytime you want to login to the site. This simply means that Bungie can’t access your login credentials even the ones stored on your browser. 

Haven explained up to this point, I want to assure you that D2 Armor Picker is a trusted and secure tool. You can use this tool with all fear of security breached quashed and also get the best Armor optimization for your Titan. 

If you’re not better convinced, you can visit the site to get a first-hand look at how it operates and you can also read their privacy policy to enable you to understand more.