Farming Simulator Script

Farming Simulator is an award-winning video game series that allows players to experience the life of a modern farmer.

Players can manage their farms, harvest crops, and operate vehicles and farm machinery, allowing them to get as close to a real farming experience as possible.

About The Game

Players take on the role of a farmer running their farm while cultivating and harvesting various crops, raising livestock, and selling products in an international market. With the game’s variety of machinery, ranging from tractors and harvesters to other farming equipment, players can experience the true life of a farmer.

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As your bank account grows, you can purchase animals to join you on your journey. Test your skills and explore new worlds to find the best wheat and become a top harvester!

The game features realistic visuals and accurate physics, and players can choose from various vehicles and tools to help them manage their farm, including combines, tractors, plows, and more.

Farming Simulator also features a multiplayer mode, allowing players to join and work on their farms. The game has received numerous awards, including the Best Simulation Game of the Year award from the European Gaming Awards.

The Farming Simulator Script offers features such as auto-farming and unlocking all levels, so you can save time and energy while gaining access to exclusive rewards not provided in the game’s standard version. Give it a try and supercharge your Farming Simulator experience!

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Farming Simulator Script

Script 1

local args = {"Exchange", -999999999999}

local meta = getrawmetatable(game)
setreadonly(meta, false)
local old_meta = meta.__namecall

meta.__namecall = function(self, ...)
local method = getnamecallmethod()

if method == "InvokeServer" then
return old_meta(self, unpack(args))
return old_meta(self, ...)

game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame =, 8.83678341, 192.163284, -0.953716636, 0.114250578, -0.278157085, 6.33216102e-09, 0.925011098, 0.379940152, 0.300706774, 0.362355232, -0.882198453)

Script 2

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()