FIFA – 3.5bn people watched the Russia 2018 world cup

FIFA has revealed that more than 3.5bn people watched some of the World Cup games, while 1.12bn watched at least a minute of the tournament’s final game where France beat Croatia 4:2.

These figures were arrived at by a group of FIFA-commissioned reviewers who reviewed the World Cup. They also added that the final game attracted a television audience of 516.6 million by the traditional “global average in-home audience.”

Other viewers were on digital devices and out-of-home screens in public, restaurants, and bars.

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It was also revealed that the global audience of the Russia 2018 World Cup averaged 191 million per game, and this was higher than the 187 million during the course of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

According to FIFA: “each game was a global televisual event in its own right.”

Additional, the research suggested that more viewers watched the 2018 edition for longer periods than they did in 2014.

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