Fire Dragon Hardclaw Sunbreak (Full Guide)

If you have set out to get the Fire Dragon Hardclaws in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Then, you must be ready to hunt like Elder Dragon Teostra on Master Rank difficulty.

Fire Dragon Hardclaw is an 8 Monster Material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. it can be used to forge the pieces of the Kaiser X Armor set, even the Kaiser Crown X, Kaiser Greaves X, and Kaiser Mail X.

You will also need these Monster Materials when crafting numerous weapons like Amagarex Blade, Araknasmasher+, Fire and Ice+, Araknablazer+, Twin Wyvern Beams+, and Midnight Wings+.

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To get the Fire Dragon Hardclaw

To get this Fire Dragon Hardclaw, you must defeat the Master Rank Teostra. That is an Elder Dragon that is very powerful and can cause severe DMG to players with its Fireblight and Blastblight. The Monster can’t be fought with Fire and he is resistant to Thunder and Dragon attacks.

But, he is very vulnerable when you attack him with water and ice. In Level 8, it becomes a greater threat to hunters. You are expected to be equipped with powerful armor and rare weapons before challenging him. You will come across Teostra in Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns in the game.

There’s a 20% chance of obtaining the Fire Dragon Hardclaw when your hunt for the Teostra ends. And there is also an 18% chance of gaining a broken part of the hard claw when you break the Teostra Wingclaw.

Lastly, you have a 14% chance of obtaining the Fire Dragon Hardclaw offered as a Carve reward when your hunt comes to an end. Also, note that the hardclaw doesn’t drop from any part of the Teostra that you broke. But it will be part of your rewards when you return to the hub area.

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Farming Fire Dragon Hardclaw In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

You can also farm Hellfire Shards in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. For this, you must learn several fighting tactics to beat the beast. Teostra has two modes when in battle: The Fire and the Blast. You can know the mode you’re fighting in by observing the effects around the monster you’re fighting.

For example, when in Blast mode, attacks will explode. And while in Fire mode, attacks will cause Fireblight. You can dodge these attacks by going behind the forelegs of the monster.

Another Method To Fight Teostra

Another method to apply in fighting Teostra is to lure other monsters to it. And also, by using the Wyvern Riding to break the Monster Materials.

Where to Find Stinkminks To Lure

Go to the locations listed below to find Stinkminks to lure during a fight with Teostra. They’re located in the Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains.

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Stinkmink Locations for the Sandy Plains

  • Area 7
  • Area 7 (Underground)
  • Area 8
  • Stinkmink Locations for the Lava Caverns
  • Area 2
  • Area 6
  • Area 1 (Underground)
  • Area 10 (Underground)

Final Thoughts

Since you have a 20% chance of obtaining the Teostra Fire Dragon Hardclaw, you can focus on how to break its Wingclaws which gives an 18% chance of getting a broken hardclaw.

And this method has the highest drop rate. The Elder Dragons Wings can easily take damage if you extensively attack it. You can use the Dual Blades, Insect Glaive, or the Long Sword which deals more damage when used on Teostra.