Grealish pleads guilty to two charges of careless driving

Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish, 25, is in the news for the wrong reasons after pleading guilty at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court to two charges of careless driving as well as an offense connected to a crash during the coronavirus lockdown in March.

The England international admitted one offense due to a collision that involved his 80,000 Range Rover in Dickens Heath, close to Solihull on March 29.

This was six days after the national restrictions were imposed on a nationwide scale. Grealish also admitted a second charge of careless driving with allegations that he hit the road without due care and attention on the M42 in October, just a month ago.

However, he was not present in person in court and pleaded through his lawyer.


According to District Judge John Bristow, Grealish already had six penalty points on his driving license due to a motorway speeding offense in 2018 and could be in danger of a driving ban under the totting-up scheme.

When asked if the player could be present in court on Tuesday afternoon to face his sentencing, Grealish’s lawyer Barry Warburton responded: “I can make inquiries.”

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Whilst executing an adjournment of the hearing for a short period to allow for the raising of the query, Judge Bristow said:


“It would be preferable to dispose of the matter today. I have heard it now, I am sitting this afternoon.

“If he can get here this afternoon, I can deal with him this afternoon.”

Meanwhile, Grealish had denied two other charges that were connected to the Dickens Heath incident.

It was stated that he failed to stop and report the incident. However, the Crown Prosecution Service provided no evidence resulting in the dismissal of the charges.


This is one young English footballer that has been impressing in recent times and must do all he can to embrace discipline. This will ensure that off-pitch incidents won’t hamper his career.