Guardiola to wear yellow ribbon when City face Basel

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Pep Guardiola has confirmed that he will wear the yellow ribbon on the touchline again as City welcome Basel in the second leg of their Round of 16 UEFA Champions League encounter on Wednesday.

Guardiola accepted a charge by the FA on Monday for wearing the ribbon in his sides shock 1 nil defeat to Wigan in the FA Cup.

The ribbon worn in support of imprisoned politicians in Catalonia is prohibited by the FA during matches due to the political symbol it represents.

However, the gesture is permitted by UEFA, and whilst wearing the ribbon in the course of his pre-match news conference, Guardiola said: “The FA have rules. They apply them, I accept them. I have to. That doesn’t mean I have to agree.”

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When questioned if he would wear the yellow ribbon when City face Basel, he replied: “Yes.”

In his acceptance of the FA’s charge, City insisted that their manager was simply respecting the rules rather than making an apology for his actions. When asked if he expected any form of leniency from the governing body, he responded:

“To be honest, not really.

“I’m in this country working and I’m in the middle of the rules. That doesn’t mean I agree or not, it doesn’t mean they are right or wrong.

“I said from the beginning that if the FA considered I shouldn’t wear the ribbon I would accept it but the fact I wear it or not doesn’t mean anything.

“The yellow ribbon is always going to be there, even if you see it or not, and I wear it in press conferences and post-match.

“It doesn’t matter and the situation doesn’t change. There are still people in prison and in jail in an unfair way. “


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