How Sarriball will help Frank Lampard at Chelsea

It’s no more news that Frank Lampard is now the new boss at Chelsea. The English man was confirmed as the Blues’ new boss on Thursday, effectively confirming a goodbye to Maurizio Sarri’s Sarriball ahead of the 2019/20 football season.

Although it is expected that Frank Lampard will look to infuse his own style of play into the team, his task should be easier as the Blues now have a possession-minded and attacking mentality compared to the rigid defensive side Sarri met in his time.

Chelsea were mostly known for rarely keeping the ball, soaking opposition pressure, and hitting on the counter before Maurizio Sarri’s arrival. The Blues were ruthless on the counter although the ruthlessness seemingly waned under Sarriball. Frank Lampard will have to work on that!

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Regardless, there are major benefits of the style of play that will definitely work in Frank Lampard’s favor in his biggest managerial job yet, and they are as follows:

1. Chelsea now know how to keep the ball

This was never the case for a side who were rarely effective when the opposition left the ball to them. The Blues easily lost possession of the ball before Sarri’s arrival and this downside to their play was sorted out under Maurizio Sarri.

Very few teams possessed the ball more than Chelsea last term in all competitions, a rare feat. This will be a major advantage to Frank Lampard who’ll be looking to see his side play direct attacking football.

2. Chelsea have a ball playing goalkeeper

Kepa Arrizabalaga established himself as a decent goalie last term under Maurizio Sarri. Chelsea had to build from the back and Kepa was key to this especially when the opposition adopted a high-pressing line.

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Kepa is very comfortable with the ball at his feet, and when under pressure last season, still managed to pick out teammates with accurate long and short passes that kept them going in games. This was unlike the ‘hoof the ball to safety’ routine that prevailed formerly.

3. Chelsea now know how to play out from the back

It remains to be seen if Lampard’s style at Chelsea will be reliant on this but it is a major add-on to the Blues side who learned to build from the back under Maurizio Sarri.

Chelsea were forced to learn the art of passing themselves out of danger with short accurate passes under Sarri even when under pressure.

It seemed like they were cautioned against hoofing long balls to safety when under pressure which the opposition would then recycle and use in relaunching another attack. Hopefully, Frank Lampard’s system keeps this tradition going at Chelsea.

These are three major factors that should make Frank Lampard’s job at Chelsea less hectic and also contribute to his success as Chelsea manager. We wait to see if this turns out to be the case.

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