How To Finish Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday Quest

Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday Guide 

Lost Ark is one exciting and enthralling game that will stand the test of time due to the numerous tricky quests that players must complete. 

Funny enough, these quests differ from the original quest of the game. Quests abound in Lost Ark, and players are at a loss on how to complete some of them.

One quest that players are at a loss on how to complete is Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday and in this article, we will be showing you how to complete the task successfully without any major hassles.

Meanwhile, Lost Ark consists of some hidden stories that gamers can take on in their quest to derive fun and entertainment. Regardless, follow this article to learn how to complete the task at hand.

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How To Finish Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday

  • Travel To Visit Queen Ealyn

The first step in your quest to complete Her Majesty’s Holiday in Lost Ark is to pay a visit to Queen Ealyn. 

She will be found at the Vern Castle on point 1 on the map and this is an indication of the location of the throne room in the castle. As you enter, you will be handed the assignment of helping some folks in the castle.

  • Lend A Helping Hand To Avele Of Vern

Avele is the knight commander of Vern and your first helping hand should be lent to her. You can locate her on point 2 of the map. 

After helping out as required, you must make your way back to the queen to give feedback on the assignment you received.

  • Report To The Queen

As you about this step, you will come across a cutscene at some point throughout your journey in which the Queen will be expressing her displeasure with the people that live in the area. After the cutscene, you should continue moving forward and approach the Queen. 

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  • Spend Time With Queen Ealyn

You will find out that the queen is lonely and needs company. Therefore, she would want you to stay with her. However, before you proceed, you must thoroughly sweep the audience chamber for any eavesdropping.

This can be done by traveling to point 3 on the map and interacting with the marker at the entrance to the audience chamber. Doing so will allow you to get access to the next area. 

You will be able to see if there are any other people in the vicinity. Once you are done checking, go back to the Queen and tell her the good news because you are currently in her company by yourself. 

  • Have Some Good Times With the Queen Ealyn 

At this point, you must successfully pull off an incredible getaway while still having a good time with the Queen. It is up to you to draw Knight Berrick’s attention away from the Queen so that she can sneak by him and have some fun for a change. 

After the Queen has left, go to the Vern Castle and make your way to Creation Plaza, where Queen Ealyn is waiting to see you. You can find her in the spot indicated on the map as Point 5 in the upper right corner and have time alone with her.

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  • Perform Another Task on Behalf of the Queen 

You must understand that she is still your queen regardless of the good time you had with her. Therefore, she will give you another task to go and buy some freshly squeezed apple juice for her. 

To purchase a drink for Her Majesty, travel to the Drink Merchant, who may be found at Point 6 on the map.

You need to make your way back to Ealyn as soon as you have it so that you can give it to her. This time, she is not in the same location as before. Therefore, you will need to relocate to Point 7 on the map as soon as possible. 

  • Share A Drink With Her Majesty

If you interact with the area on the ground near the Queen, she will extend an offer for you to join her for a glass of apple juice and a conversation with her. 

If you accept the invitation, you and the other person will be able to have a drink together. You will be assigned your next mission after you talk with her. 

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  • Begin Your Next Mission 

It appears that the queen tells stories to kids. Therefore, your next task is to provide some children with a storybook so that they can finish the tale that she was just telling them earlier.  

Meanwhile, as the queen will be going back to the castle all by herself, it will be up to you to give the book to the kids when you get it and find them. You will find the children at Point 8 on the map

  • Conclusion 

After that, all that is left to do is make your way back to the Palace. By now the Queen will have returned to the throne room where you can find her. At this stage, you will have finished this particular Lost Ark Hidden Secrets adventure.

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The quest on how to complete Her Majesty’s Holiday on Lost Ark is a huge success at this point and you can opt for another hidden story quest in the game to conquer.

Meanwhile, the steps that were described in this article for the said hidden secrets quest are tried and true methods. Following these steps will ensure your success in completing Her Majesty’s Holiday in Lost Ark.