How To Play Telegraph Fantasy Football 2022/23

It has been established that Telegraph Fantasy Football is an ideal alternative to the likes of Sky Sports Fantasy Football and the Fantasy Premier League. This is so because it has stood the test of time for the past 2 decades.

A good number of differences abound but the main principle of fantasy football is maintained, although the FA Cup in the Telegraph game comes in a different dimension in comparison to the other two fantasy football games.

How To Play Telegraph Fantasy Football

In this game, the player has a £50m budget and will be allowed to select 11 players to line up in one of the seven formations that are available.

This is not the same in the FPL where there is no bench. It comes with a transfer amnesty period where you can make changes to your team as much as you want, and it runs until the first Premier League game of the season. Once it comes to an end, you’ll be allowed to complete 40 transfers for the rest of the season.

How to score points in Telegraph Fantasy Football

The scoring system in this game is similar to most fantasy football games although there are no points for captaincy and Man of the Match awards. The game is basically designed to reward specific actions on the pitch.

Before the 2021/22 season began, Telegraph Fantasy Football (TFF) added some bonus points to help in increasing the player pool size from which players can be selected. One just has to score as many points as possible in the course of the season. The points breakdown for selected players is listed below:

All players:

  • Starting XI appearance (2 pts)
  • Substitute appearance (1 pt)
  • Goal scored (5 pts)
  • Assist (3 pts)
  • Red card (-3 pts)
  • Yellow card (-1 pt)
  • Missed penalty (-2 pts)
  • Own Goal (-3 pts)

Goalkeepers only:

  • A Penalty save (5pts)
  • Two saves (1pt)

Goalkeepers/defenders only:

  • Full Clean Sheet – player plays 60 mins or more (5 pts)
  • Part Clean Sheet – player plays fewer than 60 mins (2 pts)
  • The first goal conceded (0 pts)
  • Each additional goal conceded (-1 pt)

Midfielders only

  • Two tackles (1 pt)

Before you get overly excited, do well to know that penalty shootouts do not attract any points.

Formations that can be used in Telegraph Fantasy Football

The game offers 7 formation options although you’ll have to make do with just 11 players and no substitutes. Meanwhile, there are no limitations on the number of players you can choose from a team.

Are captains available in Telegraph Fantasy Football?

There are no captains in the TFF game.

How transfers work in Telegraph Fantasy Football

As stated earlier, you have access to 40 transfers in a season but can use only five in a game week and this can be done from Tuesday to Monday. Meanwhile, you can also carry out transfers during the weekend and between games on a single game day.

For instance, if a player is transferred out ahead of a 12:30 pm match on Saturday for another player in the following 3 pm game, you’ll get both points. Therefore, a transfer can be done at any time before the blast of the whistle of any game as long as no other matches started within two hours of the specified game.

This is not the same with a game like Sky Fantasy where all transfers must be done before the first game of the day, and also the FPL that comes with a Gameweek deadline before the first game of the Gameweek.

Other notable variations in Telegraph Fantasy Football are that there are no price changes and also no wildcards or overhauls in the game.

Differences between Telegraph Fantasy Football and other fantasy games.

TFF comes with a very simplistic approach and this is due to its limited point-scoring rules. The game has no captains, adopts a limited bonus system, and allows 40 transfers for the whole football season. Therefore, a key to success in TFF is knowing where to focus your budget and being disciplined in your transfer dealings.