La Liga President – Man City breached FFP rules, CAS is dead

La Liga president Javier Tebas has made claims that many people involved in European football are convinced that Manchester City breached UEFA financial fair play rules.

He also went on to assert that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is dead after the Citizens’ successful appeal against a two-year ban from the UEFA Champions League.

It can be recalled that the 57-year-old Spaniard, on Monday, was accused of being jealous of the Premier League by Manchester City boss and fellow Spaniard Pep Guardiola after City’s sanction was overturned. The Manchester outfit has been cleared to participate in the UCL next season.

Tebas has hit back at criticisms in a chat with ESPN. He said: “We all know what City do. When they were punished (by Uefa originally), there was no surprise among the majority of us involved in European football.

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“I don’t want to say (people were) happy, but at last there was a sense of justice against these big state-owned clubs, the other being Paris Saint-Germain.

“City will be in the Champions League next season because the Cas did things badly, not because City have done things properly.

“I would like to see the Cas’s final resolution. When it’s released and I read it, I will say what I am convinced about to Guardiola, that they haven’t done things properly. They’ve done things badly at the Cas.

“The Cas is dead. I’ve had doubts about the Cas for many years, not just because of this resolution, but for many more. It’s the opposite of what it should be; there’s no transparency.”

Regardless, Pep Guardiola feels that Manchester City are owed an apology as he admitted that the verdict was in line with the defense of their position. Spurs boss Jose Mourinho has already called CAS’ decision a disgrace while Liverpool boss Klopp said it was not a good day for football.

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According to Tebas, Manchester City have used their imaginary sponsors and inflated naming-rights deal to boost their income and this allows them to spend big in the transfer market.

“When the Cas reversed the decision, there were protests – from Klopp, Mourinho – because we all know they’re trying to find a way around the FFP rules,” said Tebas.

He continued: “City, in the last five years, along with PSG, are the club that have spent the most.

“City haven’t signed with their own resources, like Manchester United do, who bring in money through television or sponsors. They sign with petrodollars, with money obtained through oil by the (owners in the) United Arab Emirates.

“The state-owned clubs in Europe do what they want. Fictitious sponsors, naming rights (for stadiums) in the case of Man City.

“The Etihad Stadium is not worth (what is paid for it) and that creates a very dangerous economic situation for us.”