Lampard warns his stars against COVID-19 and Christmas parties

Frank Lampard has warned his Chelsea players to embrace their responsibilities as role models and avoid breaching any social distancing rules during Christmas.

The Chelsea legend admitted that he will remind his players to adhere to Government guidelines on the management of COVID-19 as the Premier League approaches the festive season.

It can be recalled that Tammy Abraham and Ben Chilwell broke coronavirus restrictions at the striker’s birthday party in October, thus missing international action and subsequently tendering an apology for their conduct.

Regardless, Lampard admitted that the rowdy parties during Christmas are a thing of the past in the Premier League and will speak to his players about their conduct.

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‘I will have those conversations, I will reiterate to them their responsibilities,’ said Lampard.

‘The Christmas party thing of yesteryear has pretty much mellowed now anyway.

‘Players are so well followed in terms of social media etc, that the parties I might have been involved in back in the day don’t happen in the modern day!

‘On a serious note we have new signings this year, and a fresh squad in a way.

‘And we have missed the opportunity to go out more often and have dinner together.

‘It’s tough in terms of Covid, but it is the same for everybody, and the players have responsibilities as role models to people outside and to do the right things for their careers.

‘Particularly when they are playing so frequently over Christmas they have to live differently to the rest of the public potentially, and focus, and that’s hopefully a constant reminder.’

Meanwhile, Lampard has admitted that he’s trying to utilize Christain Pulisic in the best way possible although his impact at Chelsea is still a work in progress.

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The US international will be fit and available for Chelsea’s trip to Everton in the Premier League on Saturday after shaking off what looked like a hamstring earlier in the week.

Christian Pulisic has suffered some hamstring issues and Lampard revealed that the player and the club are cooperating to ensure that he gets the right exertions and rest to help him thrive in his time in West London.

‘Christian Pulisic had a tiny bit of awareness off the back of the Leeds game on one of his hamstrings, but he’s training normally,’ said Lampard.

‘Christian is a work in progress. I don’t want to call this an injury he had in midweek. If the game had been a different type of game then maybe I would have used him.

‘We know his abilities, that’s very clear, he showed them when he came on against Leeds last week.

‘I just have to find the right way to get the best out of him regularly and consistently.’