Neville backs United fans for protests against the Glazers

Manchester United’s Premier League clash against Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday was postponed after fans gained entrance into the stadium and engaged in protests. The approach by the fans has been met with praises and criticisms from various quarters.

Regardless, former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has backed the angry fans for their dramatic protest against the Glazer family which resulted in the postponement of the game.

United fans in their hundreds gathered outside Old Trafford hours before the game scheduled to kick off at 1530 GMT to show their disgust at the club’s owners. Close to 200 forced their way into the stadium by subduing the stewards and safety barrier.

The fans ran onto the pitch, caused damages to some sections of the pitch, let off flares, and waved anti-Glazer banners. The help of riot police and some horses was needed to force the hostile crowd away from the stadium after missiles and bottles were thrown.

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The Glazers have been disliked since fortunes at the club have declined in recent years since their controversial takeover in 2005. Meanwhile, their leading role in the quest for the European Super League further infuriated the fans into action.

Neville, who has been outspoken in his criticisms of the Glazers and the Super League was quick to support the protesters for taking a stand against the supposedly worrying issues at the club.

“The reason why those fans came today is because they have had enough,” Neville told Sky Sports.
“I think it’s a warning to the owners of the football club that the fans aren’t going to accept what they have done.

“If there has been disturbance then I don’t think that’s acceptable. But the reality is the game has been called off and the fans have spoken.

“It’s not going to go away because they don’t trust the owners of the club and they don’t like them. They think they should leave.

“Ultimately the ball is in the owners court on what they do next. The fans have been powerful. They have stood up for what’s right.”

Neville believes that Man United fans are so tired of the Glazers that they are sure to cause more problems going forward.

“United fans have had enough. They’re doing this because they love the club. It’s not just the last few weeks and the Super League, it’s been building for years. They’ve thought enough is enough,” said.
“This has been the build-up of the last few years. The leadership of the club hasn’t been good enough.

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“When they look at the owners they think it’s all about making money. I believe the United fans are doing this because they love the cub.

“People might not agree but sometimes you have to put a marker down for people to notice. This will go all over the world. Hopefully the owners see the fans are deadly serious.

“There’s more to come, this is just the start from Man Utd fans, I guarantee you.”

Meanwhile, the fans celebrated outside the stadium when the game was postponed and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher refused to condemn the protests.

“Do we want fans storming stadiums left right and centre and getting games called off? No we don’t,” he said.
“But I’m not going to sit here and criticise Man Utd fans. I think it’s a good thing, protesting not being happy at what’s happened at the club.”