No Man’s Sky Best Multi Tool Weapons

No Man’s Sky is a very addictive action-packed survival adventure game where players are to roam the galaxies to uncover the secrets in the universe. In these galaxies that players must explore, you will have to be equipped enough and fight your way to survive the aliens cluttering them.

With this guide, you will know the best multi-tool weapons which will help you to unleash severer damage against enemies in No Man’s Sky.

Best Multi-Tool Weapons in No Man’s Sky

Most weapons in this game are meant to take one enemy at a time making it difficult to engage multiple waves of an enemy coming your way.

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Therefore, we have gathered the best multi-tool weapons to help you engage these waves and also deal severe damage to each one of them. Of these tools on this list, some could feature as a primary weapon while others could feature as a secondary weapon.

1. Scatter Blaster

This is one of the best disastrous weapons in No Man’s Sky. This shotgun has the striking power to deal with Sentinels and other opponents easily.

Con: It is more effective at a close range making you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

1. Blaze Javelin

The Blaze Javelin is a sniper with enormous penetrating shots when fired at the enemy. If you like covert operations in gameplay, then this weapon is for you as you can take out the enemy from a far distance while on high ground.

The shots are so severe that it kills any enemy at one shot. Regardless, it is better as a secondary gone and may go well with Scatter Blaster.

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1. Plasma Launcher

Wherever this weapon is positioned, the area becomes a no-go-area to foes. Its ability to release multiple grenades at one shot makes it more dangerous against enemies. Also, when confronted with armored doors or sophisticated areas, the Plasma Launch could be an ideal option.

It is pertinent to experiment with this weapon for quite a long time to improve your aim and target capturing because its bulkiness makes it difficult to be used by most players. So, aiming it in the right direction serves better while if you aren’t far from the blast radius, you could get yourself eliminated.

1. Paralysis Mortar

This is a stun gun and is good to serve as a secondary weapon. With this gun, you can paralyze enemies for a short duration and then utilize your primary weapon to finish them off. With this weapon, you can confront the waves of the enemy at a time and use the timing efficiently to eliminate them.

1. Neutron Cannon

This gun has 2 firing modes. The first mode is a shotgun blaster which deals almost 100% damage to the enemy at one shot, so, if you’ve been outgunned, you can use the shotgun to turn the tides around.

While the second mode allows you to release a devastating powerful punch killing as many enemies as possible. Though this can take some seconds which means to use it, you must be very good at your timing. To use the second mode, hold the trigger for some seconds to charge, then release it to see how destructive this weapon could be against foes.

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Even though this gun has 2 modes, it’s not ideal as a primary weapon. You will need an automatic rifle to get the best out of the gameplay. The Paralysis Mortar might come to play here where you stun your enemies and then use this to eliminate them all.


The aforementioned multi-tool weapons are arguably the best in No Man’s Land and can be leveraged in your quest to get the best gaming experience when you are in action with this title.