Quests That Give Harmony Shards In Lost Ark

Harmony Shards are one of the prizes in the Lost Ark that are awarded to players when they complete quests in the game. Meanwhile, there are two types of quests namely; The quests that take place on the islands and the guests that take place on the continents.

Gamers will find yellow quests that are scattered across many of the islands in the Sea of GienahTalking to the NPC that is handing out the missions will allow you to view the full list of prizes, which will help you decide if you want to engage in the quests or not.

The same is true for regions that are ranked at the highest possible level, such as North Vern, Shushire, and Rohendel. 

When you see a yellow indicator on the map, head to that location and speak to the NPC. Once this is done, you will know how serious the quest will be based on the available prizes.

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In addition to the Island Token, the completion of certain important missions on the island, denoted by the color purple, will also give you some Harmony Shards. Find some of the islands in question below.

  • Shadow Island
  • Starlight Isle
  • Dreamgull Island
  • Fantasm Island
  • White Wave Island
  • Glacier Isle
  • Kharmine’s Lair
  • Panda Island
  • Toto Silver Island

Meanwhile, if you need Harmony Shards, you can enhance your chances of getting them by playing the game in the PvP mode where you can be awarded when you reach certain levels.

It is a no-brainer that these shards are necessary for honing your equipment as you work your way up to tier 2. When it comes to the process of leveling up in Lost Ark, Harmony Shards are a necessary component. 

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It is not simple to acquire shards although they can be gotten in several ways. However, if you want to make rapid progress, you need to make the most of every one of those ways. Find below some of the best ways to farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark.

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How To Farm Harmony Shards In Lost Ark

Follow these procedures listed below on how to farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark successfully.

1. Island Quests

The completion of Island Quests is one of the quickest and most dependable ways to amass a large number of Harmony Shards.

After a while, you will have finished all of the islands in Tier 1, at which point you will move on to the crafting mats for Tier 2, which are lifestones. 

1. Grind Chaos Dungeons

Although Chaos Dungeons only give you the large daily prizes twice a day, you can continue to run them multiple times to obtain Perception Shards and Disorder Crystals. Both can be traded in at the Chaos Dungeons Exchange NPC for various helpful goods if you bring them there. 

It is possible to trade Perception Shards for Harmony Shards weekly, and if your gear score is high enough, you can use Disorder Crystals to trade for Legendary items. However, this transaction can only be done once a week. 

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1. Bloodstone Exchange

Because of this, joining a guild is quite vital; in addition, you must provide a daily contribution of 6,000 Silver. In addition to this, you should finish the weekly Guild chores to obtain additional Bloodstones. 

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At the Bloodstone Exchange NPC, which can be found in North Vern and other large cities, bloodstones can be traded for other items. 

As long as your Guild has researched Tier 2 of the shop, this NPC is your best bet for getting your hands on some Leapstones and Harmony Shards. 

1. Pirate Coin Exchange

Get in your spacecraft as quickly as you can and head to the docking area of any major port city. You will come across wandering merchant vessels and specifically the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel. 

Aboard these ships, you will be able to trade Pirate Coins for various types of crafting mats. These also have a limited quantity each week. 

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1. Run the Tower, BUT NOT ON YOUR MAIN

You can get a lot of Harmony Shards from The Tower, but this is only possible if you run it on your first alts. This is because completing the zone for the first time grants you goodies such as Engraving Chests and potions.

However, if you do it for a second time, you will receive Harmony Shard Pouches. This is significant because Harmony Shards are associated with the specific character on whom you acquire them. 

1. World Events In Chaos Gate

Start by checking the leftmost top panel for your alarms. After this, travel to any Chaos Legion or Gate events that you come across, and then travel to the event that is geographically closest to your current gear score. 

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These offer Harmony Shards as a reward for finishing them, in addition to Treasure Maps which allow the player to access dungeons that must be explored alongside other players who also own the map. This can be done daily.

1. Complete Rohendel Dungeons Once More

If you want to earn a lot of Harmony Shards, you should revisit the Phantom Palace dungeon in Rohendel, and complete it on the Hard difficulty mode so that you may get the reward. 

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This is also a simple task to carry out, particularly if your iLevel is already well above 460 at this point. Meanwhile, you will need some time to go about this procedure again and will be able to get the reward just once


Based on the contents of this article, we are sure that your question on quests that give Harmony Shards on Lost Ark has been outlined. Therefore, do well to leverage the information in this article and farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark successfully.