Rose – Footballers being used as lab rats in Project Restart

Newcastle defender Danny Rose has said that footballers are being treated like lab rats for being asked to return to the pitch amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Englishman is currently on loan to Newcastle United from Tottenham Hotspur and had initially opined that no consideration should be given to the restart of the game unless there is a drastic reduction in numbers of folks affected by the virus.

Regardless, he’ll participate in a no-contact group training with his team-mates on Tuesday afternoon. According to Rose, the Phase one socially-distanced sessions are an experiment as he remains conflicted about the return of the game.

In a chat with Lockdown Tactics podcast, Rose said: “I’m dying to get back to football but just with the things that are happening right now, people are going through this coronavirus pandemic a lot worse than me, I don’t want to be complaining about everything,”


“Just off the fact that people are suggesting we should go back to football, like we’re guinea pigs or lab rats. We’ve going to experiment this phase and see if it works or not. I can just imagine people at home saying,

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‘Well they earn that amount of money so they should be going back’.

The defender has never been one to hide his feelings and caused a stir early in May when he suggested that returning to pitch was a proposed boost to the nation’s morale. He admitted that he could have chosen his words carefully after a chat with manager Steve Bruce.


“I didn’t think too much to it,” Rose said. “I was having my breakfast the next day and then I saw Steve Bruce coming up on my phone. So I was like ‘oh no!’.

“I let it ring for about 30 seconds and then I thought I’d better answer this. So I went in another room and I spoke to him and he said I just need to word things a bit better if I’m going to do things like that.

“He explained the measures hat they’re going to do to make things safe. Obviously I’ve seen the headlines and we, as footballers and people in the public, we have a platform.”