Simple Handicap Method: An excellent way of getting extra value in Betting Markets

This is a comprehensive article explaining Handicap Betting Method, how it works, and how to calculate and evaluate handicap betting odds.

A Simple Handicap Method

Handicap betting is a popular betting practice among point-based sports games like golf, football, basketball, rugby, and most especially horse racing.

This kind of betting strategy usually affect the way odds are presented, therefore, it is important for sports bettors to get an absolute understanding of this kind of betting so as to interpret gaming odds and place an effective handicap bet.

The handicap betting method, aka line betting or Asian handicap, is a betting procedure whereby the betting company utilizes a popular sporting event with varied odds into an even-money contest through giving a virtual advantage or otherwise to competing teams.

Handicap betting strategy is always utilized to counter the perceived bias in abilities and to give more appealing odds. presents detailed reviews about top-rated betting sites accessible by Nigerian punters.

How it works

Let’s assume you chose a (-1) handicap win for Arsenal FC in a match against Chelsea, the implication of this is that you have already assumed Arsenal FC as the favorites.

For you to win this game, Arsenal must win by at least a 2goals margin. If they win by just a single goal after applying – 1.5 handicap, you will have lost your bet because it will be assumed that the game ended as 1 – 1.5 in favor of Chelsea.

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Types of Handicap

  • Level Handicap

Under level handicap, there exists no perceived difference in the Team’s ability, therefore, no handicap is assigned to Team A and B with zero goals. A bettor must identify the team that has more tendency of scoring more goals over the other if he/she wants to win the bet.

  • Single Handicap

A single handicap bet manifests in a condition whereby there is a perceived difference in competing team abilities. In this condition, the bettor’s team gets an appropriate goal handicap to level the playing ground. Take for instance: -0.5 goal, -1goal and -1.5 goals.

If the Bettor places a stake on Team A with a handicap of -1goal, that means the team must win more than a goal to win the bet. However, if they eventually win with only one goal, the handicap applied turns a draw, and your stake is refunded. If the opponent team wins or draws, you will lose your bet.

  • Split Handicap

Split Handicap occurs in a situation where there is a small difference between the two teams’ abilities; therefore, it allows you to divide your stake into two handicaps.

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For instance, Team A might be offered at 0 & -0.5. So if you bet on Team A and they lose, you will lose both bets, since they did not cover either handicap.

Half of the amount you wager will be refunded to you if the game ends as a draw (0) and the other half at (-0.5) will be gone. However, if it happens that Team A wins the game, both handicaps will be covered, so both bets win.


Though handicap betting can be a very profitable way of betting, however, recreational betters seem to avoid it because of its complications. In our own opinion, we advise betters to learn about the Handicap betting method as it is an excellent way to get extra value in betting markets.

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