The Top 5 Slot Games Of 2022

2022 is here, and the battle to release the best game is on. The world is eager for something captivating and fun. Game developers work around the clock to deliver epic, surreal and hot slot games. There are lots of slot games that 2022 gets to offer.

However, choosing the right slot game from the ever-increasing number of slot games available is a pain in the neck. Not every gamer has the luxury of time on their hands to try out every single slot game released. There are websites like, that help players make the right choice of casino operators and flex their gaming skills on trending slot games. If you are worried about your privacy online, you can stay anonymous.

We’ve reviewed several 2022 slot games and created this article to introduce the top slot games that you need to try out!

Top 5 slot games of 2022

Here are the top 5 slot games of 2022 that you’d enjoy checking out:

1.   Goblin’s Cave

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be trapped in a Goblin’s Cave? Goblin’s Cave will send goosebumps all over your body as you battle it out with a happy-looking but deadly Goblin.

Your destiny lies in the hands of your greatest nemesis – the Goblin. As you navigate through the haunted world, you must watch your back. From Playtech, a top slot provider, Goblin Cave is a non-progressive slot featuring a 3-reel slot with 3 paylines. The slot game has wild and scatter symbols. Players can bet up to £1 500. With Goblin Cave, you have a lifeline in the form of holding certain symbols that improves your chance of winning.

Additionally, you have an excellent Return to Player percentage of 96% and a jackpot that keeps you going. The game’s Autoplay features make your life a lot easier. Nevertheless, the game doesn’t offer free spins and multipliers, but you’ll be hooked with the fantastic gaming action!

2.   Starburst

If you are a fan of candy crush, you’ll love Starburst. Broaden your horizon and aim for the stars. With Starburst, you’ll be able to take a trip to space and destroy the stars. NetEnt, a top player in the slot gaming industry, is the brain behind Starburst.

A legendary and classic slot game, Starburst offers five reels and ten paylines to players. Boasting a 96% Return to Player and low volatility, Starburst features win both ways, wilds, and respins, increasing your winning chance.

The design relishes arcade-like light effects after wins. After big wins, Starburst introduces a blast of light, flashing light, and thrilling sounds. The various shapes and colors of Starburst symbols enhance the game’s appearance.

3.   Sunrise Reels

The sun is already setting across the coast, and you’re still asleep. Sunrise Reels, a classic slot game from Realistic Games, features three reels and five paylines.

The game’s background tells the story of the sun setting in a refreshing and exciting manner. With an RTP of 95.27% and a massive Jackpot of up to 12 000 credits, Sunrise Reels have written its name on the hearts of many players all over the world.

 4. Private Eye

Become the top-rated detective you’ve ever dreamed of with Private Eye. Do you have what it takes to solve unending crime cases together with the ever-passionate Philip Marlowe? Like a real-life detective tale in the mid-1900s, Private Eye encompasses all the gadgets in the form of symbols needed to relish the era.

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At your disposal, you’ve got a telephone with a rotary dial, a box camera, the 1950s designed car, and a 1900s pistol. As a thriller from Microgaming, a reputable slot provider, Private Eye features five reels and 243 ways to win.

The slot game also has a ‘solve the case bonus’ feature that increases your winning opportunities. The game’s crime theme is always full of suspense, beautiful graphics, and electrifying sound effects.

5.   Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is another masterpiece from Microgaming and comes with four progressive jackpots. You can win by spinning the Jackpot bonus. With Mega Moolah, you can experience the chills of getting trapped in the woods and see hungry wild animals hovering around you. The free spins, scatter, and wild rewards only add to the game’s action. Time to start playing!


The slot games listed in this article are trending in 2022. We considered winning opportunities and searches made by players to create this list. Additionally, the trending slot games in some countries slightly differ. The worldwide social casino market’s GCR (Gross Gaming Revenue) hit a whopping $6.2 billion in the previous year. So, try out these trending slot games to have a shot at winning!