Vampire Survivors Lightning Ring Evolution – Full Guide

Vampire Survivors has proven to be an exciting and enthralling game with some great weapons at the disposal of players. The most effective weapon in the game is known as the Lightning Ring

The weapon is the ideal defense mechanism against enemies in the game such as vampires and hordes of bats that want to eat and suck you dry as seen in Hollywood movies. Horrific right?

How to Evolve Lightning Ring in Vampire Survivors

This weapon hits many opponents simultaneously and causes major damage to all of them. Seeing how effective it is, it is no surprise that it is Porta Ladona’s weapon of choice in the game. Who wouldn’t want to use such a weapon?

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When you get to level 8, the Lightning Ring will evolve into the Thunder Loop and this is an automatic transformation. 

However, you must have survived for at least 10 minutes and taken hold of the Lightning Ring and the Duplicator item to enhance the evolution of the Lightning Ring.

Once you exceed the 10-minute mark, all the chests you one will have the required upgrade for the Thunder Loop they contain.

Meanwhile, when compared to the Lightning Ring, the Thunder Loop can cause twice the amount of damage due to the fact that it causes lightning to strike twice. 

You should make it a priority to get it as soon as possible because it is a late-game weapon with a very high power level. 

Also, it should be known that Porta Ladona is the most straightforward character that will help you to reach this goal quickly and with more ease.

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This is because she is already equipped with the Lightning Ring and possesses the greatest possibility of acquiring the chests necessary to level up. 

Regardless, if you are able to unlock the Lightning Ring, you will be able to level it up to level 8 in time for the post-10-minute chest drops. This is possible even if you do not have access to Porta Ladona. 

However, If you have not yet gotten access to the Lightning Ring, all that is required of you is to complete a run having defeated at least 5000 foes in total. 

Therefore, it’s a bit of a challenge, but there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished with a solid run. The process of evolving the Lightning Ring comprises four steps and they are outlined below.


  • You must unlock the Lightning Ring by defeating a total of 5000 enemies
  • You must also unlock Porta Ladonna by reaching Level 4 with the Lightning Ring.
  • Reach Level 8 with the Lightning Ring.
  • Increase the Duplicator accessory power-up. Get the Magic Wand to Level 7
  • Take hold of a rare enemy’s chest that spawns once the counter gets to 10:00 (Remember, you must survive for at least 10 minutes)

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Do well to follow the information in this article and attain success in your quest to evolve your Lightning Ring in Vampire Survivors. Adhering to the aforementioned steps will ensure that you carry out the task successfully.