Why Do Soccer Players Wear Gloves?

You may be wondering why soccer players wear gloves. Well, it is down to many reasons. First off, wearing a glove can cause a significant change in a player’s temperature, especially in the winter periods, and can also be worn for fashionable purposes amongst others. 

Regardless, this article will shed more light on why soccer players wear gloves as well as the possible rules that govern their usage in the round leather game.

Soccer Rules On Gloves And Benefits To Players

Many players travel around the world to play soccer all through the year. During certain times of the year, especially in some climates, the weather outside can be very cold. 

If you take one of the northern US states like Minnesota for instance, you will see that the temperature there will always fall below zero throughout the winter. 

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Surely, most soccer players wear gloves if they were playing football under such a temperature. Players who play in such a climate have near-freezing experiences and feel cold despite how much they run around on the pitch. You’d see the same in the Premier League during the winter period.

Although there are a few soccer players in the world who have the pleasure of feeling cold but not all soccer players embrace the scenario where they feel cold when playing the game. 

Therefore, they will do all they can to feel warm, be comfortable on the pitch, and give their best to ensure that their teams come out tops. 

When a soccer player wears gloves to cover his hands, he is doing one small but effective thing to keep his hands warm and body temperature up.

Effects Of Having Your Hands Exposed To The Cold

Under cold temperature conditions, the human body has a natural response to reduce the flow of blood significantly. These include the hands and feet. 

By doing this, the body is keeping the blood in the main/central part of the body. Because this is where all the main organs are located.

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This response process results in a decrease in the temperature of the hand and foot. Therefore, this will make soccer players wear gloves. It will help them in maintaining a high temperature inside but still have their hands and feet feeling cold. 

This simple act of putting on a glove can go a long way to protect the player. This is because it doesn’t just keep the hands warm. It also prevents any potential problems the cold can cause in extreme conditions.

Wearing Gloves And Short Sleeves

I guess you now understand why soccer players wear gloves. You will often see them wearing warm winter gloves with a short-sleeved warm-weather jersey. The human body system can keep the organs warm and the outside cold at the same time.

Soccer players wearing gloves to keep their hands warm is beneficial. This will let the player pay more attention to the game rather than get carried away by the cold. Many of us know what it feels like to be cold, And how it can play a distracting role in whatever we have at hand.

The Type Of Gloves That Players Should Wear

The recommended glove for a soccer player should be made of hybrid materials. This is to ensure that the player’s hands are kept as warm as possible. They should be waterproof and provide extra grip over the palms to assist the player when taking a throw-in.

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Other Reasons Soccer Players Wear Gloves

Maybe like a lot of other people. You might be wondering why a soccer player should wear gloves when it is warm outside. It is confusing to see soccer players wear gloves when it is warm outside. Regardless, there are a few reasons why it can be so.

1. Some Players Are From Much Warmer Climates

One reason is that some players grew up in places with relatively hot climates. Soccer players come from different parts of the world to play in league competitions. For instance, players that leave West Africa to play soccer in Europe and America. 

The likes of Thomas Partey at Arsenal, and Ndidi at Leicester City amongst others. You will see these players wearing gloves the majority of the time.

Also, some of these soccer players from hotter climates may not have adapted to living in the cold. This will make them feel cold and also make them wear gloves to help them feel warm.

2. Some Players Think It Looks Good

Fashion is a reason why soccer players wear gloves even when it is hot outside. We all can tell that what we consider fashionable is different from person to person and even so to soccer players. 

There are different occasions in the past when soccer players wore gloves. They do this intentionally for the look it gives to them.

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The Rules Around Wearing Gloves In Soccer

There are no specific indications in the rules of football that prohibits a player from wearing gloves during a football match. The only indication is that a player is not to wear anything dangerous. It is up to the referee to decide if a player is to wear a glove he chooses and if it is accepted by the rules of the game.

Final Thoughts

In football matches, it is fairly common to see players wear gloves in games if they want to. There are different reasons why soccer players wear gloves during a match, and most of these reasons are beneficial to the player’s well-being.