FIFA devising plans to remake football’s transfer market

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Reports suggest that FIFA and its president Gianni Infantino are making plans to push for major reforms in football’s player transfer industry.

The change would limit the amount of money that teams will be able to pay to acquire the services of players, as well as reduce the increasing power that agents are wielding in the transfer market.

The changes which are believed to have been ordered by Infantino was contained in a detailed report and would result in the biggest overhaul of the transfer system since its inception.

It can be recalled that Infantino made a promise to tackle issues in the transfer market before he emerged as the president of football’s governing association two years ago.

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He oversaw the creation of the task force that created the report which addressed a series of issues such as; the increasing costs associated with acquiring top football talents, the behavior of agents in the course of these dealings, as well as the increasing stories on questionable practices in the transfer market worth $6.5 billion on a yearly basis.

The most eye=catching of the proposed is the one that seeks to limit the expenditure of clubs on players. It can be recalled that Paris St. Germain paid a record $262 million to sign Neymar from Barcelona in 2017.

There are also considerations on the use of an algorithm to benchmark the price of a player as well as a system that will ensure that clubs who exceed it are punished.

There will also be salary caps which will be dependent on the percentage of a team’s revenue to help them from falling into any form of financial difficulties, as well as the inclusion of fixed buyout clauses in the contracts of professional players as is attainable in Portugal and Spain.

However, the level of support the body will receive in its bid to bring these proposal to fruition is unknown presently


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