Genshin Impact Cup Of Commons Location And How To Get It

The Cup of Commons is an instrumental object to The Millennial Mountains quest in Genshin Impact, yet its location is very vague. While the Millennial Mountains requires players to find six items, Wang gives players brief insight about their locations. 

You must complete the Undetected Infiltration quest to acquire the Cup of Commons. This article will guide you through the quest to fasten your advancement without much hassle in the game. Travelers can only collect other objects for The Millennial Mountains to finish that quest.

How to get the Cup of Commons

Players must head to Glaze Peak (as shown in the image) to start the Undetected Infiltration quest. Here, travelers must defeat a group of Treasure Hoarders to start the search automatically. Once that’s done, they will get some dialogue in a cutscene.

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Note: You must complete Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering to the point where they have the “Use the cage-shaped object to destroy the three remaining Bedrock Keys” objective. That quest will require players to complete The Chasm Charters.

Undetected Infiltration

After the long cutscene full of dialogue, the player must now go to Lumberpick Valley. It will be marked on the map, follow the arrow. Talk to Yanbo. You will have to clear out three Treasure Hoarder camps; they are marked on the map with a general circle, though, there are many Treasure Hoarders in those areas, you can pick anyone to clear.

Once that’s done, you will head to another Treasure Hoarder camp. It is marked on the map also. But the enemies are stronger here than in the previous three camps. Though, they’re not what players can’t handle. It includes two ‘boss fights.’

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Undetected infiltration will be completed after you must have handled and won several reinforcement waves. However, the Cup of Commons won’t automatically transfer to your inventory, you must open the nearby Luxurious Chest to acquire it.

The chest can only appear when you have completed the Undetected Infiltration. You should search nearby after completing the Undetected Infiltration as it will spawn somewhere close, not hidden from where you can’t easily see it. 

If eventually you didn’t see or missed it, you will have to return to Lumberpick Valley. Otherwise, open the chest to get your loot, including the coveted Cup Of Commons.

Meanwhile, you should know that completing the Undetected Infiltration will give you 40 Primogems and other minor loot while The Millennial Mountains will also give you 40 Primogems.

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These quests aren’t so difficult, although, you can lower your World Level if you found any quest too difficult to complete.

Now that you have the Genshin Impact Cup of Commons, it’s time to finish The Millennial Mountains. The rest of the items should be more straightforward for you to obtain, as long as you make use of your map to reach their locations.