Tebas – A Messi move to Serie A won’t solve the league’s problems

lionel messi

La Liga president Javier Tebas has insisted that Messi moving to the Serie A will not solve the problems in the Italian league after the severe hit they’ve suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A report by La Gazzetta dello Sport suggests that Serie A will lose around €700million due to the enforced break due to COVID-19, with suggestions that Messi’s move to the league would be a massive financial boost.

However, in a conference call with foreign journalists on Tuesday, Tebas said: “I don’t know if Messi will continue or not in Spanish football. I think he isn’t going to leave Spanish football, but what I can say is that he is not the solution for Italian football to get out of the crisis it is having.

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“In each country, the situation is different in terms of how we are assuming this global crisis. The level of debt in Italian football, overall, in turnover, is very high.

“It is practically double what Spain has, double what the Bundesliga has, with lower turnover. That makes the situation of the Italian league, overall, much more serious than the German or Spanish leagues.

“Obviously, the solution is not to sign Messi. I believe that the solution to be taken by the Italian Serie A is to go another way. And I always speak in global terms, because each club has its own story.

“If we look at ratios of how much Serie A brings in and how much it sells, they are very stressful numbers overall for Italian football. It is there where they will suffer and that will not be resolved by bringing in Messi.”

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Tebas went on to note that losing the Argentine, who could decide to leave Barcelona for free at the end of the season, may not make a big difference in the Spanish top flight.

This assertion is based on how the league continued to blossom after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus in 2018.

“Whether Spanish football has Messi or not, and I would like him to be here, but it has already happened to us with Cristiano Ronaldo,” he said.

“Everyone told us that we were going to have a drop in audiovisual rights and I am not going to give data today, but we are growing, even in Portugal we have grown.

“Having a player like that can help, but it is not something essential to grow.”

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